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Colorado Paranormal Investigators is a  volunteer organization that provides assistance to families, historical places and individuals who may be experiencing phenomena that is unexplained and may be paranormal.

We assist with historical research, case management, professional and confidential investigation of the property.
This service is Free with a Home Investgation.

Indian Historical History
Colorado and Western Colorado has a long
history of the Ute Indians.  This was their
land until it was  taken from them.

There is a Huge amount of History.
Early Homesteads
After the Utes were kicked off their land,
Homesteads were formed.
We dig deep to find out if there were any
deaths, fires or illnesses on the property
we are researching.

Recent History
Your home does not have to be old  to have
paranormal happenings going on.
We research recent deaths and fires.

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